HSBT Rescue Fun Dog Show 2002

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The Hampshire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Fun Dog Show

Why a Dog Show?
Dog shows are a fun way of getting people together and raising funds to help us help the dogs. We are a home run rescue, run by volunteers. We find new homes for Staffordshire Bull Terriers that can no longer stay with their owners. We do not have an independent income so we organise events to raise much needed funds such as the Fun Dog Show. We also have a sponsored walk once a year. We rely on donations of old leads, collars, beds, bedding, money and car boot items. All money raised goes straight back into the rescue.

The Dog Show
The HSBT Rescue Fun Dog Show took place on the 14th July 2002. There was a guest appearance by Rogue showing off her straightened leg and determined to use it. Apologies to those dogs that won prizes but were not photographed. Try again next year. The Dog Show raised 435.80 to go straight back into the rescue. Thankyou to everyone who contributed.

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Show Photo The classes were:
  1. Waggiest Tail
  2. Prettiest Bitch
  3. Most Handsome Dog
  4. Best Crossbreed
  5. Best Veteran
  6. Best Stafford
  7. Best Rescue
  8. Owner and Dog Fancy Dress

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Show Photo Best Rescue
Awarded first prize for Best Rescue was Joe. 3 years ago he was found in a ditch by the police. He was taken to Binfield Dog Rescue where he was named "Little Joe". We think he was the runt of the litter. He had a deformed front leg, and his back legs splayed out. Even though he could not walk a kind person decided to take him home and look after him. With lots of physiotherapy he improved a great deal. After about two years HSBT Rescue were asked to re-home him. He has been in his new home for about a year and is no longer "Little" Joe at 17kg, having put on some extra muscle. He has a problem with his breathing especially when it is hot but he still gets about even if it means having to be carried!

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Show Photo Owner and Dog Fancy Dress
First prize went to Little Red Riding Hood and Granny.

To everyone who has given up their day to help us including: Mark & Patrina Burton, James Fowler, Marie Mcnulty, Natasha Conway, Mr & Mrs Logie.

A local company has sponsored each class. Thank you to all of them for their support.

  1. Dignity Pet Crematorium - 01252 844572
  2. Road Wheel Tyre & Exhaust - 01276 475577
  3. Peak Performance Motorcycles - 01276 850650
  4. J.M Logie Haulage - 01252 513976
  5. Nine Mile Veterinary Group - 01252 511988
  6. Flair Event Staffing - 01252 512078
  7. Mark & Patrina Burton
  8. Fiona & Mick Copland

Also a big thank you to all the local companies who provided items for the raffles!

and last but in no way least a huge thank you to Eukanuba and IAMS Pet Foods for supplying all first prizes, staff t-shirts, baseball caps and much, much more!!

Page updated: 04-03-2009
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